Buteyko for Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Buteyko for Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Light-headed feeling, poor concentration, memory lapses, faintness, headache, anxiety, tension, racing mind, numbness and tingling, tremor, depression, apprehension, irritability, brain fog, panic attacks, disrupted sleep, detachment from reality and stress are the symptoms of choronic overbreathing.

Choronic overbreathing means that we habitually breathe more air than our bodies require. It is similar to a person developing the habit of overeating.

Breathing increases as a result of modern living. Factors such as strong emotions, time urgency, tension, anger, stress, anxiety, overeating, processed foods, a blief that taking big breaths is good, lack of exercise, excessive talking and high temperatures within the home contribute to overbreathing.

 “The more you breathe, the more your body is being starved of oxygen.”

Breathing a volume greater than normal does not increase the amount of oxygen in your blood, as it is already 95-99 % saturated. The main subject is to be able to release oxygen into tissues and organs. The release of oxygen from red blood cells depend on the partial pressure or quantity of carbon dioxide in your lungs/arterial blood. When one is overbreathing, carbon dioxide is removed from the body, causing the oxygen to stick to hemoglobin within the red blood cells. This prevents its release into tissues and organs. This was discovered in 1904, is known as the Bohr Effect.

The heavy breathing arising from the fight or flight response results in a washing out of carbon dioxide from the lungs. This causes a narrowing of blood vessels, thus reducing blood flow to the brain. In addition, the release of oxygen from blood cells is less; the result of an inhibited Bohr Effect. This in turn increases self-generated, and more random, thoughts. With uncontrolled thought activity, we feel unable to cope with our everyday activities, further increasing our stress. A vicious circle has commenced, with stress increasing our breathing and this in turn increasing our stress.

“Does the overbreathing cause the symptoms, or do the symptoms cause the overbreathing?”

In the late Professor Buteyko's words, "Exhaling Carbon Dioxide from the organism brings about spasms in bronchi, vessels and intestines, etc. This reduces oxygen supply, leading to oxygen deficiency, making one's breath heavier, thus completing the vicious circle."

Our promise is to show you how to stop worrying and quieten your mind. By bringing your breathing volume to normal levels, you can deal with the physiological aspects of stress and anxiety. You will also able to stop panic attacks.

Meditation is simply stilling and relaxing the mind. You will learn doing meditation via Buteyko Method. Focusing on the breath, feeling the inner body and living in the Now are the best ways to quieten your mind.

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