Breathing, Thoughts and Meditation

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Breathing, Thoughts and Meditation

There is a link between thinking and breathing. If you can follow your breathing, you will be able to observe your thoughts. When you become an observer of your thoughts, you will be free of them.

Why do we need to be free of our thoughts? Is thinking bad? Thinking for practical situations is useful. Thinking which is repetitive and unnecessary is a hindrance. When you observe the activity of your mind, you will realise that 95% of our thinking is not used to deal with a practical situation. When thinking takes over our life completely, it is impossible to live in the present moment, because our thoughts let us go to the future or past. When we are eating, our thoughts take us to the tomorrow’s doing list; when we are playing with our child, our thoughts take us to the last week’s discussion with our boss; when we are on holiday, our thoughts take us to the office; when we are at the office, our thoughts takes us to the holiday. This kind of life is torture. This will drive us into stress, anxiety and depression.

Our mind always travels, but our body and breath always here and at the present moment. We can go after our thoughts or we can stay here with our body and breath.

Focusing on the breath and feeling the inner body is great for quieten our mind. This is meditation. At the past, just focusing on the breath was enough, we didn’t need to change our breathing, because breathing patterns were normal. However, at the present day, our breathing increases as a result of modern living. At this point, meditating with Buteyko reduce breathing method is wonderful tool to correct our breathing. When we are reducing our breathing during meditation, it is also easier to focus on breathing.

When you sit for meditation, you will realise that your mind is totally out of control. This is good! This awareness is the gateway for the stillness. It is the beginning point to be free from repetitive thoughts about the past and worries about the future.

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