5 Reasons to Stop Your Snoring

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5 Reasons to Stop Your Snoring

“Laugh and the World laughs with you, snore and you sleep alone.” Anthony Burgess

So many people struggle with snoring. Are you one of them? Are you really aware of the indications and harmful effects of snoring? Oh yes, if you don’t want to sleep alone, you need to stop snoring, but what else?

Here are 5 reasons  to stop snoring:

1.Snoring indicates your heavy breathing

The heavier you breath, the less oxygen is delivered to your tissues and organs. Do you really want to deny your body from oxygen?

2.Snoring may indicates mouth breathing

You may snore through your mouth, your noise or both your nose and mouth. Snoring through the mouth is the easiest to address and mouth breathing is the worst thing you can do.

3.Your heavy breathing contributes to insomnia

You are never fully asleep and never fully awake. General tiredness, sleepiness during the day, irritability, daytime fatigue can lead to anxiety and depression.

4.Snoring loves being with sleep apnea

A normal routine is thunderous snoring followed by complete cessation of breath which is called as sleep apnea.

5. Snoring may progress into high blood pressure or cardiovascular complaints

Your body needs to be free from snoring to avoid such problems.

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